EE Edition 37 Olspur Interview Part 2

25.09.06, 01:10:22 by entirelyentertaining-international
This is part 2 of my interview with musician OLSPUR.

Check out Olspur´s website .


If you like what you heard on this interview and you know exiting bands working on and waiting for their big breakthrough, let them know about my show. I might interview them on Entirely Entertaining as well.

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EE Edition 37 Olspur Interview Part 1

25.09.06, 00:20:43 by entirelyentertaining-international
This is part 1 of my interview with musician OLSPUR.


For more information don´t forget to visit Olspur´s website .

Part 2 of this interview is also ready for download!

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OLSPUR exclusively on ENTIRELY ENTERTAINING! Ready for download next monday! (Sept. 25th)

22.09.06, 12:40:41 by entirelyentertaining-international
The headline says it!

Next monday you´ll be among the first to check out the music of newcomer OLSPUR.

And you meet the man behind it yourself. Because OLSPUR talks about his first record on the show.

An hour of insights, tons of new and (hopefully to you) exiting music.

Ready for download the 25th of September - that is next monday!

Check it out!


14.09.06, 15:48:02 by entirelyentertaining-international
Yes, I am still there!

Sorry dear listeners that you haven´t heard from me in the past weeks. So much has been going down on the german part of Entirely Entertaining I did not find the time for any new podcasts.

But there´s light at the end of the tunnel. I have met Oliver Stone and talked to him about his latest movie WORLD TRADE CENTER which these days is applauded to by most american viewers.

But the most interesting update is my interview with newcomer OLSPUR. This is an interesting artist who is about to release his first cd which hopefully will conquer the world by storm. A CD which is a must for lovers of electronic music with an edge! And this is where you can hear it first.
By the way, anybody purchasing the OLSPUR CD is contributing to charity organizations like WARCHILD and helps to fight AIDS. No kidding!
So check out the Entirely Entertaining edition where newcomer OLSPUR is presenting his music for the first time EVER!


Just stay subscribed!

Until then take care


EE Edition 36 from 18th of August 2006

20.08.06, 00:56:19 by entirelyentertaining-international
Summer break´s over! In this edition you find reviews of SUPERMAN RETURNS and for my european listeners an early review of Oliver Stone´s WORLD TRADE CENTER!

For more info on SUPERMAN RETURNS please click here.

Here´s the WORLD TRADE CENTER trailer, to go to the official homepage of the movie please click here.
There is also a WORLD TRADE CENTER featurette.

Promos played in this edition:
Secrets of the Pirates of the Caribbean
Scores For Movies

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